Xon – 清洁产品
MCK Cleaning Roller是为了LCD Pannel表面异物的清除及cleaning而开发的产品。MCK Cleaning Roller为了能够根据工艺的形态及要求条件获得合适的效果而采用多种多样的Type[材料别:Urethane、Epoxy,形态别:Dia、NR、FL、Spiral]开发而成。与其他公司的Cleaning Roller不同,MCK Cleaning Roller凭借自主技术力,采用无缝的光滑形态制作而成,因而具有降低了Cleaning工艺上的制造不良率,从而能够提高作业效率的优点。
Three Types of Xon® Polishing Roller
  • NR type

    NR type

Items Spec.
Length ∅ 300 ~ 1,800mm
Pattern Type Wave
Overall Diameter ∅ 80mm
Shaft Diameter ∅ 40mm
Structure Dual Structure
Pattern Height 1.3 ~ 1.7mm
Cleaning Part Hardness Shore ‘D’ 60 ± 5
Cushion Part Hardness Shore ‘A’ 2.5 ± 3
Abrasives Z/O, W/A, Sic etc.
Resin Epoxy, Urethane
Desirable Setting Example of Cleaning Roller
Rotation Speed Of Roller 400 ~ 2000 rpm
Roller Pressure Against Glass 1.0 ~ 3.0 kg/cm²
Glass Input Direction Lengthwise is preferred
Glass Passing Speed 4~7m/min